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These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers of NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia in the online shop including all contracts, delivery and services of orders placed by individuals via this website.

NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia offers the Terms and Conditions outlined herein as guidelines to be complied with by all visitors utilizing NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia’s website. Please read all information carefully. By using this website, users agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree, please exit this website. Users should periodically review these Terms as NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia may revise them from time to time as deemed necessary.

General Information

This site contains material about NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia and its various products that may be of interest to NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia employees and customers as well as to members of the healthcare community and the general public. Please feel free to browse this website. Your access and use of the information contained herein is subject to the following terms and conditions and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing this website, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these terms and conditions.

NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia maintains this website is for your personal use. This website and its contents are intended to comply with the laws and regulations of Australia.

General Disclaimer

By completing this purchase you agree and understand that daysy will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and that if used in the prescribed method will reduce the risk of pregnancy but in no way guarantees 100% effectiveness.  Daysy is a Fertility Monitor and not FDA or TGA approved as a Contraceptive method or device. Conclusions regarding the contraceptive reliability of monitoring basal body temperature are based upon independent studies.  Information about these studies can be obtained upon request. All information contained on this website is gathered from various resources including the manufacturer's promotional material. We do not accept liability for claims made by the manufacturer or other material resources. The information on this site is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

While there may be information on this website related to certain medical conditions and their treatment, should a medical condition exist, promptly see your own physician or health provider. PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR, OR OTHER QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE USING ANY PRODUCT DISCUSSED WITHIN THIS WEBSITE.

By accepting delivery of any product purchased from NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia, the purchaser as well as any of his or her appointed agents, including but not limited to, the user of the product as well as any additional person(s) that appears by name on the order under the ‘ship to’ as well as the ‘bill to’ address, together acknowledge full and complete acceptance of these terms and confirm that they will be bound by them collectively regardless of who accepts delivery, so long as such delivery is made to the correct address as stated on the order or is made to any alternate address for delivery that was submitted in writing from the same e-mail address as provided on the original order.


NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia provides warranty that goods are delivered free of manufacturing defects.

Excluded from any warranty are defects and damages originating in the following: Wear and tear caused by operation, normal abrasion or improper use; mistakes in operating the product and negligent conduct on the side of the customer; operation under wrong conditions or opening the device. The warranty does not include the battery, battery cover and sensor-cap. 

Warranty claims are only valid if the user immediately reports the defect in writing within 2 weeks after such defect is discovered. Usage must be discontinued after the realization of the defect.  Return the product, all accessories and a copy of the original invoice via insured delivery to NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia.  The warranty obligation shall not apply if the notices of defects are not brought forward immediately as stated. 

Manufacturing warranty is 2 years from day of delivery. 

During the warranty, NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia is obliged to repair defective devices free of charge, replace them with new devices or refund the purchase price based on discretion of the supplier. Further claims, especially for losses and damages including damages resulting from defects are not covered under warranty. 

All items supplied by NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia must be returned to NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia to receive warranty repair. Please keep your invoice as your proof of purchase. BEFORE RETURNING any item contact the company for instructions on return. Any additional fees paid by or billed to NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia related to the return shipping of any warranty item, is the responsibility of the product owner unless terms otherwise stipulate that shipping is included. Any such extra fees will be billed.

Full Legal Disclaimer

The “seller, importer, and or manufacturer (hereafter referred to as the “supplier) is not liable for any loss, injury, harm caused to any individual, company, or any other entity, directly or indirectly, and whether or not due to negligent, reckless, and/or improper use of the supplier’s product in addition to any damage that may arise as a result of any material or manufacturing defects.

Upon the consumer finding a defect, the consumer agrees to immediately notify the supplier of the defect.

As with other forms of contraception, the supplier advises that if this product is used as a method of contraception, then there is no 100% guarantee that the consumer will not fall pregnant, and that an unwanted pregnancy may still result.  The consumer accepts this rish when using the product as a form of contraception.

No legal action can be brought against the supplier for an unwanted pregnancy or any conception of a child.  No damages are able to be claimed by the consumer or a dependant of the consumer against the supplier.  The supplier excludes all liability as far as the law permits.

This product does not and is not intended to be used to prevent of safe guard a consumer against sexually transmitted diseases

Return and Refund Policy

Before returning an item please contact company. All returns and exchanges must be completed within 30 days of delivery. Items must be returned at the purchasers expense whether the item is a return for refund or an exchange. A copy of the original invoice or the Service Advice form must be included. Including any of these items acts as proof of purchase. You may return the product within 14 days after receipt for a full refund less shipping costs, and if financed, less any non-refundable fees related to financing. The monitor must be returned in its original condition, packed in the original unmarked packaging including any accessories and manuals shipped with the product. Failure to return all items in their original condition will result in additional fees. The amount of the fee will be based on the retail cost associated with replacing any damaged or missing item. A 10% restocking fee applies to units returned 15-30 days after delivery. Incorrect shipping documentation may incur Customs charges and taxes for which the purchaser will be responsible.

We do not honor returns or warranty claims from purchases made from other international resellers.

*Extra costs incurred in accepting your return such as customs duties, taxes, handling fees and brokerage fees are non-refundable and are the responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser also agrees as acknowledged by making payments toward their purchase that any additional fees as described above may be billed to the purchaser’s immediately or at a later date if additional invoices are received from customs brokers or other agents related to the return of the item or order.

Shipping, Duties & Taxes

We currently use Invenco Pty Ltd as our fulfillment provider unless we ship it ourselves in which case we use Australia Post.

Tracking numbers will be provided by e-mail upon request and if available.  By placing an order the customer agrees to allow NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia to provide their e-mail address to Invenco for the purpose of postage, shipping and possibly delivering tracking information.  Any customs, duties, taxes, and brokerage fees for shipments charged during the delivery and after the original sale, are the responsibility of the purchaser.  NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia always prepares shipments with the best interests of the customer in mind.  NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia works to help our customers avoid or minimize duties and taxes where lawfully possible.  In most cases there are no duties or additional taxes charged on the majority of our shipments.

NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia does not ship everywhere.  Please contact us directly at info@ladycomp.com.au  to be advised of a local distributor in your country.


NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia is not responsible for delays due to influences outside of its own control such as regulatory delays by customs or delays caused by improper routing or scheduling by the shipping/courier company or any other such problem outside NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia’s direct control.  We are not responsible for delays caused by your inability to accept a package due to incorrect address, rerouting to a new address, or due to an incorrect address including incorrect zip or postal code, or due to no one being available to accept the package. 

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia or any of its affiliates, or the officers, directors, employees, members, or agents of each of them, be liable for any damages of any kind, including without limitation any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages, whether or not advised of the possibility of such damages, and on any theory of liability whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the use of this Site or the products offered on this Site.


All materials on this site are owned and copyrighted by NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia or its Information Providers and may be accessed, downloaded or printed for your personal noncommercial use only. Without the prior written permission of NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia, you may not copy, distribute or transfer any material found herein.


Unless otherwise noted, product names, designs, logos, titles, words or phrases within this Site are the trademarks, service marks, trade names or other property of NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia. All other unregistered and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Changes on Website

NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia may make improvements or changes in the information, services, products, and other materials on this site, or terminate this site, at any time without notice. NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia may modify this agreement at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified agreement. Accordingly, you agree to review the agreement periodically, and your continued access or use of this site shall be deemed your acceptance of the modified agreement.


Individuals under the age of 18 desiring to use the site must first obtain parental consent.

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You can email NFP (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as Ladycomp Australia any time via info@ladycomp.com.au. We will be happy to assist you if we can.

Concerning Your Privacy

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